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Protecting Your Relationship With Your Child

You have most likely heard a glossary’s worth of terminology related to child custody and visitation. Sole, shared, joint, physical and legal are just some of the terms used to describe this complex topic. Terminology aside, you know exactly what your goal is. You want to protect your relationship with your child. You want to see that your child is brought up right, and that religion, education, health care and other important issues are addressed appropriately.

At Kelton & Teichner in Queens and Nassau County, our attorneys have more than 30 years of experience helping people like you achieve that goal. We stand up for the rights of parents and grandparents in divorce and paternity cases.

The Outcome That Is In The Child’s Best Interest

It is fair to say that the law takes a side in family law cases involving children. The law is designed to favor the child, to guide courts toward the outcome that is in the best interest of the child. In most cases, that means spending time with both mother and father.

Of course, there are often disputes over what child custody arrangements are truly in the child’s best interest. When our lawyers handle these cases, we take the time to learn about your relationship with your child. Ultimately, we want to achieve parenting time arrangements that preserve that relationship. By getting to know the situation, we can build a case and present a compelling argument to the court that demonstrates why you should be granted child custody arrangements that allow you sufficient time with your child.

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