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Fight Charges Of Driving While Intoxicated

Many lawyers handle cases involving what is popularly called DWI or DUI, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This subject is a virtual minefield, where bad choices by the attorney could result in the client being incarcerated, losing his or her job and, in certain unusual instances, his or her legal immigration status. There are also fines imposed by the Department of Motor Vehicles in addition to those imposed by the Court. Moreover, in several cases the client, even in the event of a guilty plea may be able to salvage his or her license to be able to drive to work or school.

For most people charged with DWI, the initial arrest process is daunting and horrifying, as most of the people arrested for this crime are otherwise law abiding citizens with families, jobs and lives. It is for that reason that the client’s invocation to the police officer of his or her right to counsel immediately is so important. Just remember, 99 percent of the time, no person is going to talk a police officer out of arresting him or her. However, having the experienced and knowledgeable attorney at your side as soon as possible helps you to make the correct decisions in your case that may result in a favorable outcome. As in every criminal case never, we mean never, talk to the police officer about the case since everything you say will be used against you (despite the assurances or representations of the cop).

Unfortunately today, because of the economy you will find attorneys whose specialties are real estate or car accidents trying to handle criminal cases with which they have little or no experience. So choosing the right attorney is very important. At the law firm of Kelton & Teichner, we have served clients honestly and effectively for more than three decades.

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