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Drug Possession Is Not A Minor Crime

People in Queens, Long Island and throughout New York often treat drug possession charges as if they were minor. The fact is that a conviction can have a serious impact on your life. It will likely come with fines. Jail time is a definite possibility. The good news is that these charges can be fought with the help of an experienced lawyer. There is no reason to plead guilty.

At Kelton & Teichner, we are committed to helping you overcome charges of possession of narcotics. Whether you are accused of possessing marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin, methamphetamines or any other drug, or even prescription drugs without a valid prescription, our attorneys provide you with more than 30 years of drug charge defense experience.

Search And Seizure Issues

In drug possession cases, one of the elements that we must review carefully is the manner with which the police obtained evidence against you. The constitution provides you with clear rights, and it is not uncommon for police to violate these rights and conduct an illegal search and seizure. When this happens, we may be able to get evidence thrown out. Your case may ultimately be dismissed.

Addiction Is A Serious Medical Condition, Not A Crime

We recognize that many people accused of possession of drugs are not criminals, but people who are battling addiction issues. Addiction is a legitimate medical condition, and it should be treated as such, even in the context of a criminal defense case.

Thankfully, drug treatment programs may be available as alternatives to criminal penalties, depending on the nature of the crime and other factors. Be aware that these programs are not automatic. The prosecutor is not likely to simply offer one of these programs to you if you are attempting to resolve the matter on your own, and a judge may not offer it to you in court. Our experience means we are well-versed in the addiction counseling options that are available, and we have a record of success obtaining treatment instead of punishment.

Free Telephone Consultation About Drug Possession Crimes

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