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Accused Of Illegal Firearm Possession?

Every case requires a thorough review of the steps police took prior to charging you. This is particularly important in firearm possession cases. Did these charges stem from a traffic stop? Did the police conduct the stop and the subsequent search properly? Were your constitutional rights violated at any point? At Kelton & Teichner in Queens County and Nassau County, our attorneys know the questions that need to be answered to build a strong defense strategy.

Was The Gun Properly Registered? Was It Loaded?

Perhaps you purchased a gun legally, but did not properly register it. Unfortunately, possession of an unregistered gun is a crime. Our lawyers have more than 30 years of experience handling these cases. We know how to make it clear to prosecutors that you simply made a mistake and are not a criminal.

If the gun was loaded, the crime becomes even more serious. The presumption will be that you intended to use the gun. Our job will be to convince the prosecutor that there was no intention to use the gun. We will work hard to help you maintain your innocence.

Gun Charges And Other Criminal Offenses

Firearm possession charges are often made more complex because they are combined with other criminal offenses. Whether your gun charge is combined with a drug offense or any other offense, our experience means we can resolve even the most complex case.

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