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Overcoming Fraud Charges

Federal law enforcement is stepping up its efforts to track down and prosecute individuals suspected of fraud. Using increasingly aggressive techniques, law enforcement has targeted individuals in the real estate, stock brokerage and banking industries. Now, investigations are focusing on curbing health care fraud, including doctors, dentists, pharmacists and insurers.

If you have been indicted or are under investigation, it is important to hire an experienced federal criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. These cases are often complex because they include extensive financial records. At Kelton & Teichner, we have more than 30 years of experience defending against a variety of white collar criminal charges. We know where investigators look and how to identify mistakes.

If you have been accused of fraud, do not wait. Call us now. To schedule a confidential appointment with one of the attorneys at Kelton & Teichner, contact us online or call 800-419-7751. We defend individuals throughout Queens and Nassau counties.

Have You Been Accused Of Fraud?

At Kelton & Teichner, our criminal defense attorneys defend people in Queens County and Nassau County against charges of all types, including:

  • Bank fraud
  • Welfare fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Medicaid fraud
  • Credit card fraud

These white collar crime cases often involve allegations of identity theft, conspiracy, embezzlement and other crimes. Our experienced Queens attorneys will investigate your case thoroughly to build a robust defense. As experienced litigators, we are prepared to fight to protect your name, your reputation, your livelihood and your freedom.

Medicaid Fraud

Our lawyers are experienced in handling cases involving doctors and other medical professionals allegedly creating false invoices and inappropriately billing Medicaid for services not provided, or billing more than the value of the services provided. These cases often involve large-scale Medicaid fraud conspiracies that we have the strength and skill to handle.

New York Credit Card Fraud Lawyers

From cases involving people accused of stealing credit cards and using them to make purchases to those involving stealing someone’s identity and using it to obtain credit cards, our lawyers are prepared to defend against all credit card fraud charges. As in any other criminal defense case, investigation is critical. We will attack the proof that prosecutors allegedly have against you, fighting to protect your rights.

Contact Our Law Firm For A Free Consultation

If you are facing criminal charges, the best way to protect yourself is to start building your defense as soon as possible. Call us now at 800-419-7751 or send us an email to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Queens defense lawyers. We are available 24 hours a day in emergency situations. Se habla español.