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Defending Juveniles And Youthful Offenders

In Queens County and Nassau County, parents turn to Kelton & Teichner when their children get in trouble with the law. We bring more than 30 years of experience to each case, together with a sense of pride in protecting the futures of young people who may have simply made one mistake. Our lawyers take a thoughtful, reasoned approach to making certain a single mistake does not impact a child’s future education and career prospects.

We defend young people charged with crimes of all types, including gang crimes, drug offenses, loitering, assault and theft crimes such as shoplifting.

Juvenile Crimes

Crimes committed by children under 16 are prosecuted in the family court. These cases are handled much differently than the typical adult criminal case. The rules are different. Our attorneys know the rules. We know the steps to take to protect your child’s future.

In the most serious juvenile crime cases, children from ages 13 to 16 could be prosecuted in adult court. Our first job is to try to remove the case to the Family Court, where the goal tends to be rehabilitation rather than punishment. If the case does go to adult court, we have the experience to help.

Youthful Offender Law

In New York, children age 16 until age 19 may be granted a certain status that can allow them to resolve their case without a conviction. Essentially, the youthful offender law allows young people to avoid a criminal record that can be so damaging to their future. We understand how the law works and when it can be applied.

Is Your Child Facing Criminal Charges?

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