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White Collar Crimes Are Complex Charges

Several lawyers who profess an expertise about how to deal with white collar crimes such as fraud, income tax evasion, credit card and identity theft are really ill-equipped to deal with the various situations that arise in the crucial period of pre-arrest, pre-indictment and inadvertently get their clients into more hot water by not properly either investigating or preparing the case before the client is actually charged with a crime. Indeed, in some instances, a knowledgeable attorney can actually prevent or forestall an arrest if he or she utilizes the proper tools and knows how to speak with the prosecutor or potential complainant.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers

At the Queens, New York, law firm of Kelton & Teichner, we have served clients honestly and effectively for more than three decades.

Many criminal defense attorneys just don’t have the worldly experience necessary to properly handle a white collar case. White collar cases are those situations where a person is under investigation for submitting false documents, lying to government officials or administrative or law enforcement agencies, creating fraudulent or false scenarios, or generally engaging in what might be termed deceptive practices.

Of course not every document, situation, representation or act investigated by a prosecutor turns into a criminal investigation or leads to an arrest. However, the actions of a qualified and intelligent attorney on behalf of his or her client could make the difference between many years in jail or a nonevent. Over the years, because of our knowledge and experience in both civil and criminal law, our Queens white collar crime attorneys have been able, in several situations, to prevent an arrest by demonstrating to prosecutors and investigators that no criminal act was committed or that no criminal intent was involved.

Naturally no criminal attorney is successful 100 percent of the time, any more than a doctor is successful in curing his patients 100 percent of the time. However, just as the choice of the proper physician could save your life, the same may be said for the selection of a competent and knowledgeable attorney saving you from the slow death of losing years of your life in prison.

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