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Obtaining And Responding To Orders Of Protection

With more than 30 years of experience, the lawyers at Kelton & Teichner are able to advise people in Queens County and Nassau County in all aspects of orders of protection, also referred to as protection orders or restraining orders. Whether you need an order or you have unfairly had an order placed against you, we can help.

Do You Need An Order of Protection?

If you are concerned about your safety because of harassment or threats of domestic violence, our attorneys will move quickly to help you get an order of protection. This order can keep the offending party out of your home and out of your life, as well as away from your children, for a certain period of time.

Our New York family law attorneys can assist if the order has been violated. We will take the action necessary to see that the offending party is held in contempt of court. Contempt orders can result in criminal ramifications. We are dedicated to getting you the protection you need.

Defense Against Orders Of Protection

As powerful and important as orders of protection can be, we have the experience to know that, occasionally, they are used improperly. During a divorce, one side may attempt to use them as a sword instead of a shield. If you have been the victim of an improperly obtained order of protection, we can help. We can also defend you against criminal charges of family and domestic violence, which often go hand in hand with protection orders.

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