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Helping You Keep What Is Yours

Many misconceptions exist about property division. People frequently believe that property owned in their name belongs to them. In reality, whether or not something qualifies as separate property or marital property is not impacted by the name on the title.

The family law attorneys at Kelton & Teichner have more than 30 years of experience helping people in Queens County and Nassau County. We understand the nuances of asset division and are willing to explain them to you before designing a strategy to help you keep what is yours.

The Difference Between Marital And Separate Property

Property you owned prior to getting married is separate property and not subject to division during a divorce. Aside from inheritances and a few other exceptions, all property acquired during the marriage is considered marital and subject to division.

Complex Property Division

On the surface, classifying assets as marital or separate may seem fairly straightforward. In some cases it is. However, it frequently gets complex. For example, what if you bought a house prior to getting married, but then paid for the majority of it during the marriage? What if you got an inheritance, but put it into a joint bank account and lost track of it?

Sometimes, the nature of the asset makes division complex. For example, determining the value of a family-owned business may require the assistance of a forensic accountant. Pensions and retirement accounts are also subject to property division. Our lawyers have the knowledge to address even the most challenging asset division cases.

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